OUT, Advocate owners defend donation to anti-gay Republican

by Fred Kuhr
Stepbrothers Adam Levin and Maxx Abramowitz, who now own OUT magazine and The Advocate under the umbrella of their new holding company PRIDE Media, came under fire recently for donating to anti-gay Republican – and just defeated – California Congressman Dana Rohrabacher.
Women’s Wear Daily – under the headline “OUT Magazine, PRIDE Media Rife With Challenges for New Editor” – reported in September that the brothers, who also are the leadership team behind pro-cannabis High Times Magazine, supported Rohrabacher, who only this year said it should be legal for realtors to refuse to sell homes to LGBT people.
Editorially, High Times also praised Rohrabacher for his support of cannabis.
But Levin has also donated to California Congressman Devin Nunes, newly defeated U.S. Sen. Dean Heller of Nevada, and Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel.
Adam Levin
In response, a PRIDE Media spokesperson issued a statement to Women’s Wear Daily came to the defence of Levin, who is straight. “Adam is a staunch supporter of pro-Israel, pro-cannabis and LGBT issues and consistently works across the political spectrum to ensure he’s advocating effectively on behalf of each of these communities.”
Levin then spoke directly with San Diego Gay & Lesbian News in October. In that story, Levin doesn’t deny the donation, but blames it becoming a news story on “a fired employee who was upset. I have donated to politicians on both sides of the aisle, most from my support of pro-Israel candidates.”
Levin notes in the story that he has given to California Democrats including Congressman Adam Schiff and Governor-elect Gavin Newsom. He also said he’s only met Rohrabacher twice, calling him “a crazy old man that has been supportive of the cannabis industry.” Levin also said he is “cautious” about political donations because “things could come up if I supported the wrong ones, but can’t stop one’s actions after you support [them].”
The San Diego publication also spoke with openly gay PRIDE Media CEO Nathan Coyle, who said that “Levin will be more careful of who he gives money to in the future.”

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