Q. Digital takes on latest LGBT media consolidation

by Chuck Colbert
LGBT media is undergoing yet another merger as Q. Digital announced on Sept. 29 a consolidation of its online properties GayCities and Queerty with new acquisitions of LGBTQ Nation, Dragaholic, and Bilerico.
According to a press release, the move allows Q. Digital “to become the single leading independent digital media company serving the LGBTQ community. The merger and rebranding provides advertisers a means to engage with the LGBTQ community at unprecedented scale through custom executions, branded content, and live events.”
“This is an exciting time for the LGBTQ community. As we’ve made major strides toward equality, ever larger audiences are turning to trusted voices in LGBTQ media. Marketers are now realizing the huge opportunity to connect with Q.Digital’s social, affluent, and brand-loyal audience,” said Scott Gatz, Q.Digital CEO, in a statement.
Q. Digital, formerly known as GayCities, Inc., is a city guide for LGBT consumers, with reviews of hotels, restaurants, gay bars and nightlife, and cultural offerings in more than 200 cities globally. Queerty covers a range of news, entertainment and lifestyle topics and was founded in 2005 and acquired by GayCities Inc. in 2011.
Among the newly acquired media outlets, LGBTQ Nation covers LGBT news, including politics, legal issues, and advocacy. Dragaholic, focuses on the busy drag queen community while Bilerico Project is a community of LGBT bloggers focused on political advocacy.
GayCities, Queerty, and LGBTQ Nation will remain standalone properties, while Dragaholic will become a channel on Queerty. Bilerico Project will become a channel on LGBTQ Nation.

Volume 17
Issue 7

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