Florida’s Multimedia Platforms Inc. acquires L.A.’s Frontiers Media

by Chuck Colbert
Multimedia Platforms, Inc., (MMP), the only publicly-traded LGBT media company, has acquired yet another LGBT media outlet, New Frontiers Media Holdings, LLC.
Los Angeles-based Frontiers Media is active in digital, mobile, streaming video, print and outdoor signage, and is perhaps best known as the publisher of the gay lifestyle magazine Frontiers, which has earned awards since its relaunch in 2014. The company also brings a lively events business to the table with its active role in Style Fashion Week in Los Angeles, the LGBT film festival Outfest, Gay Days Anaheim at Disneyland, and its annual same-sex wedding expo.
Florida-based MMP is “a multimedia technology and publishing company that integrates print media with social media, and related online platforms, to deliver information and advertising to niche markets,” according to a press release.
Earlier this year, MMP purchased Next Magazine, New York’s leading weekly gay nightlife and entertainment publication, as well as FunMaps, a 33-year-old LGBT travel and leisure publishing company.
Multimedia Platforms, Inc.,
 CEO Bobby Blair
The most recent purchase gives MMP an expansive reach within the key LGBT markets of New York, California and Florida, spanning five brands which include Florida Agenda, Frontiers Media, FunMaps, Guy magazine and Next magazine.
MMP CEO Bobby Blair noted that the acquisition of Frontiers Media gives MMP roots on the West Coast and an entry into the entertainment industry.
With the new acquisition, MMP will have two divisions, one focused on print publishing, the other on online media. Current president and group executive publisher Peter Jackson will continue to lead the company’s publishing operations.
Michael Turner, Frontiers Media’s current president and CEO, will become president of MMP’s digital media. Rounding out the executive management team are Kevin Hopper, vice-president of operations and publisher of Next New York; Maura Lane, vice-president of sales; Emily Stokes, corporate circulation director; and Dennis Dean, corporate creative director.
New to the team is Tristan Schukraft, who will serve as vice-president of marketing and publisher of the new Next Los Angeles magazine. Veteran magazine editor Owen Phillips, who has led Frontiers Media’s editorial transition, will advise on content across all platforms.
“It’s an incredible time to be serving the LGBT community as the business world recognizes the power of this influential audience,” said Turner in a press statement. “I’m proud that we’ll be able to vastly expand the reach of our content — which is produced by some of the most talented and respected writers, editors, designers, producers and photographers in the industry.”
“We are creating a first-of-its-kind media company which will have global reach and influence,” said Jackson in a press release. “This acquisition represents a multimillion dollar investment in digital media development to provide the LGBT community with news, opinion and entertainment across a wide variety of delivery formats, anywhere and at anytime.”
Media observer Cathy Renna, managing partner at the LGBT marketing group Target Cue, told the New York Observer that MMP’s acquisition shows that LGBT media is still relevant.
“Anytime we see investment in LGBT media, that’s a good thing, Renna said. “LGBT media continues to be very under-resourced and not as successful as it could be, because investments in that kind of niche media has been decreasing. But the community media is still vitally important.”
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