Pressing Questions: Guy Magazine of Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Interview with Managing Editor Diego Wyatt
by Joe Siegel
Geographic coverage area: Distributed at over 150 locations throughout Fort Lauderdale and a growing number of locations in Miami
Year founded: 2009
Physical dimensions of publication: 6” x 9”
Average page count: 96 pages
Key demographics: Gay men throughout South Florida aged 21-45
Print run: 4,000 per week
PPQ: What part of Guy Magazine is the most popular?
Managing Editor Diego Wyatt: The community picks up Guy to find out the who, what, when and where. As such, our calendar section, cover stories and nightlife photos are the most popular sections.
PPQ: Who came up with the name and what is the inspiration for it?
Wyatt: The naming was a result of an internal contest. Guy was chosen as it truly encompassed what Guy is all about, everything the gay guy cares most about: style, fitness, music, dining, nightlife and travel.
PPQ: What one change to the magazine would you like to make?
Wyatt: We are constantly improving our content. With our 300th issue, we introduced several noticeable improvements, and now we are focused on bringing our print readers a unique online experience with the same diverse range of subjects all served up with intelligence and sexy photography.
PPQ: Do you see yourself as an “activist journalist’? If so, in what way?
Wyatt: As the managing editor, I do not consider myself an activist journalist; however, I see myself as an activist and a journalist. Professionally, I try to keep my personal and political beliefs apart from the pieces that I write — unless, of course, it is an opinion piece.
PPQ: What’s the most surprising feedback you’ve received from a reader?
Wyatt: Our most recent design and content changes have generated lots of positive comments, but the most rewarding feedback came from a reader who is a gay-identified transgender man. He was so grateful to Guy for writing a cover story on [bodybuilder and Men’s Health cover model contestant] Aydian Dowling, for this was the first time he saw someone like himself on a magazine cover that didn’t have “trans” splashed across the picture.
PPQ: What advice would you give for anyone who may want to launch their own gay publication?
Wyatt: Do your homework. There are many LGBT-focused publications on the market. It’s important to present information in a different way — a way that can be appreciated by many different people. Also, stick to your guns. It’s easy to get caught up in what everyone else is doing, but when you are original, something really special can happen.
Volume 17
Issue 7

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October 1, 2015