750 issues at Lavender Magazine

by Randy Stern
(Randy Stern is managing editor of Lavender Magazine, based in suburban Minneapolis, Minn. The following editorial appeared in the February 22, 2024, edition of the magazine. It appears below with permission.)

Lavender Magazine Managing Editor Randy Stern

Welcome to the 750th issue of Lavender Magazine. It may look like any other issue we have published since 1995. But, there is cause for celebration.

Over the years, we evolved from turn to turn to where we are at right now. While we recognize that our core community has become “mature” in the way we no longer have gayborhoods and have changed in the way we socialize, it is far from perfect.

The needs of this community now reflect new generations looking for outlets of support. It also reflects how much we have emerged exponentially across Greater Minneapolis and smaller communities along the state line and international border.

This magazine recorded the evolution of our community as a whole. Today, we are more encompassing of both sexual orientation and gender identity — under the acronym of LGBTQ+.

We live in emerging times. This magazine is still here with the purpose of delivering a lifestyle publication that reflects our evolution as a community.

When we celebrated our 500th Issue, our staff recounted the number of those that we worked on. In all honesty, I have officially lost count. My professional mantra is to not look back, but to acknowledge the past. I rather look forward and see where this publication will go and what stories will be told in future issues.

Considering my personal contribution to this publication, my byline has appeared in this magazine since 2008 — regularly since 2011. I just celebrated my second anniversary as managing editor of this publication.

Working in concert with our senior staff, our sales and office support team, and our contributing writers, I am personally committed to deliver a publication that engages with you. Every issue — all 750 — is published for you.

There is more to come.

Volume 26
Issue 2


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