Letter from the Publisher

by Todd Evans

Rivendell Media publishes Press Pass Q as a service to LGBTQ media and, of course, I hope you find it useful. There is no revenue stream attached to Press Pass Q, but we publish because we want to keep a historical record of the LGBTQ media business and to give back in some small way to our industry. We try and limit the content to only things that we feel will help LGBTQ media and to be useful or interesting to other professionals in our business. To that end, if you would like a topic or issue covered, please let us know. If you have a suggestion about Press Pass Q or any other ideas to help the LGBTQ media business, we are certainly interested.

As I am now in my 25th year as CEO of Rivendell Media, and as we wrap Rivendell’s 40th year in business, we know our work is never going to be finished but can always be improved. Additionally, I want to say to LGBTQ publishers that I am always available to connect with. I might not have all the answers, but I am sure I will at least be able to steer you to someone who does know the answer and is trustworthy. As a sales team as well, we here at Rivendell are always wanting to learn and hear suggestions on how we might do a better job.  

The only silly question is the one not asked, and reaching out to the professionals in your field of business is always helpful. Even if I do not get the answer I am seeking, I usually learn something. I can best be reached via email at todd@rivendellmedia.com or via the office at 908-232-2021 ext 210, and Press Pass Q Editor Fred Kuhr can best be reached at editor@presspassq.com for issues related to the newsletter.

Volume 21
Issue 7

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September 19, 2019