Miami Herald’s LGBT magazine ceases publication

by Joe Siegel
Miami’s Pallette magazine, published by the Miami Herald Media Company, ended publication with its December 2017 edition. The magazine was three years old.
“Financially, we just weren’t making it a successful product,” said Kristina Schulz-Corrales, the Miami Herald’s New Business Development Manager. “We were losing money on it actually.”

Schulz-Corrales said the LGBT community is still being covered by the Miami Herald’s Gay South Florida channel.

“After three years, it’s incredible to think that this is the last issue of Palette,” the magazine wrote to readers. “… Having started with so many lofty goals and riding a wave of exhilarating national milestones, we’re sad to see it all end.
In December 2016, Palette announced a partnership with the Miami-Made Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce. The organization’s Clarity Business Magazine was to be published inside of Palette in three of its six editions – February/March, June/July and October/November. Other issues featured several pages on the Chamber’s programming, initiatives and market outreach. 
“The Miami-Dade Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce has been an exceptional partner, collaborating on the demanding but deeply rewarding responsibility of publishing a magazine that wanted above all to be inclusive of everyone within the LGBTQ community,” readers were told. “This may be our last issue, but we are grateful to have gotten a chapter in this dazzlingly beautiful community’s ongoing story.”
Todd Evans, CEO of gay media company Rivendell Media (and publisher of Press Pass Q), noted that while Palette was a “lovely” magazine, “The success of LGBT media really starts with its connection to the LGBT community. Miami and then South Florida have a number of quality LGBT owned and operated publications that have strong ties to the local LGBT and mainstream community for many, many years and really do a fine job. It is no surprise a mainstream company was not able to make the connection needed to maintain a strong local advertising base to ensure its success.”

Volume 19
Issue 11

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