St. Louis’ Vital Voice Magazine goes online only

by Fred Kuhr
Vital Voice Magazine, based in St. Louis, Mo., announced that it will continue to exist as an online-only publication, ceasing its print edition with its June 2017 Pride issue.
The announcement was made by CEO and Partner Darin Slyman in the issue’s Publisher’s Letter.
“Vital Voice will remain a digital entity, bringing you up-to-date LGBT news and relevant entertainment content,” Slyman wrote. “We are looking forward to expanding the digital experience for our readers and clients.”
In January 2010, Slyman “embarked as CEO on a mission to create a life and style publication that would make the LGBT community relatable to all. … It was time to show St. Louis a more well-rounded perspective of our community.”
James Lesch, who joined the magazine in 2011 as an intern, was eventually brought on as publisher and partner.
“Finding our footing wasn’t easy, especially in the first few years,” said Slyman. “We quickly learned that in order to stabilize and grow the company, we had to look outside the LGBT community for financial support. Before its transformation to a magazine, Vital Voice newspaper suffering a lack of financial support directly from the community. With passion and drive, we worked diligently to build a reputable brand that anyone who would want to engage in the LGBT community would be proud to be part of. Little by little, that vision became a reality.”
By 2014, the magazine was so successful that it expanded to Kansas City, Mo.
The magazine lives on at
Volume 19
Issue 4

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