Former AfterEllen editor moves to GO Magazine

by Joe Siegel
Trish Bendix has been announced as the new editor for GO Magazine, a free New York City publication best known for its wide distribution and nightlife listings aimed at showcasing lesbian events across the country.
Bendix had previously served as editor in chief of popular LGBT blog AfterEllen.
“I’ve been a fan of GO Magazine since the beginning, when I used to pick up the magazine

Trish Bendix

at my favorite lesbian hang in Chicago, T’s,” Bendix wrote on her Tumblr page. “T’s is gone now, as are so many of our spaces — bars, bookstores, festivals and publications — and so it’s more important than ever that our community rallies around those who have been committed to the lesbian cause and will continue to be. That being said, I am thrilled to be stepping into the position of editor in chief of GO Magazine, a philanthropic effort and longtime community resource from an out lesbian, the dedicated and driven Amy Lesser.”

Bendix, who lives in Los Angeles, will continue to work from the West Coast.
Bendix plans to revamp the print publication and the website. “We’re going to bring lesbian and bisexual women content that they can’t find elsewhere, content that is for them, by them and focusing on members of their own community, including trans men, trans women, non-binaries and people who identify as genderqueer,” she wrote.
Bendix has worked in LGBT media for years, creating a website for Chicago lesbians, then working for AfterEllen for a decade. Last month, the company that owns AfterEllen decided to shut it down after determining it was not able to make the site profitable enough. However, they did announce the site would be updated with freelance content.
Volume 18
Issue 9

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November 28, 2016