Iowa to get a new LGBT publication

by Joe Siegel
GoGUIDE, a free LGBT publication based in Iowa City, will launch in September. The new publication will cover topics such as local and national news, the arts, and local politics.
The first issue of GoGUIDE will be the “Back to School: University & College Edition.” The magazine will print quarterly with an anticipated print run of 5,000 copies. It will be printed on glossy stock and will be full-color throughout. 
Tim Nedoba, president and director
of sales for Reach Out Marketing
The web site,, will also launch in September.
The publication and web site will offer “coverage with a twist,” promises Tim Nedoba, the president and director of sales and marketing for Reach Out Marketing, the company which will publish GoGUIDE.
“The twist will manifest itself in many forms,” Nedoba said. “Every issue will have a different theme. The next issue may have a totally different perspective. It will always have different contributors. It will be interactive. It will encourage discussions.”
In addition, Nedoba also plans to develop partnerships between advertisers and readers. “It will always be local. It won’t be static. It will always be evolving.”
Nedoba said the time is right to launch GoGUIDE.
“The state of Iowa has been without a print LGBTQ publication for years,” Nedoba said. “The greater Iowa City area is seeing tremendous growth in population and it is home to the University of Iowa, so I believe there is a real need and demand for this publication. The LGBTQ community needs a strong voice and an advocate. It’s my hope that GoGUIDE will help serve that need.” 
Nedoba hopes that if GoGUIDE is a success, there will be more publications targeted to the LGBT community in Iowa.
“It is my hope to expand to a statewide network,” Nedoba said. “Of course, that won’t happen overnight. So far, response has been positive to the idea. Ultimately, it will be the reader and advertiser that will decide whether it succeeds or fails. I’m certainly going to give it my best effort.”
Volume 18
Issue 4

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