DIVA magazine has new lesbian owners

by Joe Siegel
U.K.-based DIVA magazine has recently been acquired by Twin Media Group. First published in 1994, DIVA has long been at the forefront of the lesbian media world.
Twin Media’s owners and founders are Silke Bader and Linda Riley. Bader is a global leader in lesbian media, owning Curve in the U.S. and Australia’s LOTL. Riley is the former publisher of g3 magazine, a British lesbian magazine that went online only in 2013.
This is the first time in the magazine’s history that it has been completely lesbian-owned. Bader announced there will be no changes in the magazine’s staffing structure and “anticipate growing the DIVA team in the near future, especially with regard to our digital offerings.”
“Right now we have plans to focus on as many aspects of lesbian lifestyle as possible,” Bader said. “Linda has grown up with DIVA, which is an important part of lesbian history and culture and we want to help it grow and develop in line with the changes of modern culture.”
Bader said DIVA will print columns from some prominent lesbian writers, and opinions from readers will be solicited by DIVA’s staff.
“One of the first things we will do is survey the readers and find out what they would like to see more of in the magazine too.”
DIVA is the only monthly glossy newsstand magazine for lesbians and bisexual women in the U.K.
Volume 18
Issue 4


September 16, 2016 at 4:06 am

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