David Atlanta unveils new publication, Goliath Atlanta

by Chuck Colbert
Atlanta has a new LGBT publication, Goliath Atlanta Magazine, which co-publisher William Duffee-Braun called “the next chapter of gay Atlanta.”
Goliath Atlanta bills itself as “the ultimate creative cultural guide for the discerning gay man. Through its diverse blended journalism consisting of fashion, local interests, and must-attend gay event coverage, Goliath Atlanta is the leading publication for the modern gay Atlantan.”
Writing in the publishers’ notes section, co-publisher Duffee-Braun spoke of his experience leading up to founding Goliath Atlanta.

“Many years ago, when I first moved to Atlanta, I had a tough time figuring out how to become connected to the gay community,” he wrote. “I asked a few new friends for help and they steered me to David Magazine, Atlanta’s gay scene bible. I used it for years to find out what events or parties were happening and where I needed to go to be in the mix.
“Eventually I found myself employed by David Atlanta as development director. One of my tasks is to take a hard look at our readership and make observations about what type of people pick up David and where they read the publication.
“What we’ve found is that while many readers begin to mature and may not frequent the scene as often, they continue to read the magazine. However, as the readers start to have a more complex life — marriage, children, home ownership — they start to desire more varied content than what David Atlanta has room to offer.
“Enter Goliath Atlanta, the monthly cultural magazine for you, the discerning adult gay man. Through our diverse blend of local interests, fashion, travel, health, and, yes, nightlife, we know you’ll love this publication the same way you’ve loved David Atlanta for years.
“Each month we’ll bring new and fresh editorial coverage for you, the modern gay man, which may or may not be limited to what’s happening within our own community. You live a varied and diverse life, and our content will follow suit.
“And if you are new to Atlanta, consider Goliath to be just another part of your local gay magazine repertoire.”
Volume 17
Issue 11

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