New publication launched in San Diego

by Joe Siegel

Late last year, The Word — a new LGBTQ print publication — launched in San Diego. The publication was created by co-publishers Cesar A. Reyes (who serves as creative director) and JP Emerson (its editor in chief). In addition to the print edition, The Word’s website features exclusive content like video interview segments that expand on the interviews and articles in print.

The Word co-publishers Cesar A. Reyes (left) and JP Emerson

Reyes boasts over 20 years of publishing experience. “I was instrumental in the startup and evolvement of three local LGBTQ+ publications and continue to serve as creative director for (Long Beach, Calif.-based) Metrosource Magazine and [its two regional publications] and (Palm Springs-based) GED Magazine. I am well known in San Diego for creative design and community involvement, and have been recognized by several awards over the years.”

Emerson has dabbled in many different professions such as accounting, business management, real estate, and land use and development. He spent a few years in Los Angeles working on city council and judicial campaigns, as well as working with the U.S. Secret Service while serving as Advance White House Staff for the Clinton-Gore administration’s visits to California, Press Lead for the Gore 2000 campaign, and the Hillary for New York Senate campaign. In addition, he has done speechwriting for elected officials and has experience in political and non-profit fundraising. 

“We stand diligent in the fact that there is always a need for reliable and informative news outlets, especially in the LGBTQ+ community, where true representation matters,” Reyes noted. “Drawing from a rich pool of creative and literary talent, The Word defines and articulates the contribution of San Diego’s LGBTQ+ community.”

Reyes said his and Emerson’s goal is to reach a diverse group of readers “We hope the younger sector picks the publication to learn about the people and organizations that have paved the way and find out how they can get involved. For the older sector, we hope to keep them informed of the events happening in our community and the difference each of us can make by getting involved and participating.” 

Reyes reports that response to The Word has been favorable. “Readers are excited for the publication’s unique take on the community and the way the publication profiles the people working on making a difference. Advertisers have received the publication with open arms and see it as a fresh and positive way to connect with our LGBTQ community.

“We stand for the true democracy of our community and behind any progress and growth there is a story, and it begins in the grassroots. There is always the need for additional news coverage, especially in our resilient yet underserved community. We wish to inspire the community to be aware and get involved,” Reyes added.

Volume 25
Issue 12

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