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THE CENTRAL VOICE, based in Middletown, Penn., has entered into a content sharing agreement with the PENNSYLVANIA CAPITAL-STAR, a nonpartisan, nonprofit news site covering state politics, government and policy, which in turn is part of THE NEWSROOM, which oversees similar bureaus in 11 other states and Washington, D.C.
Dean Wrzeszcz
METROSOURCE, based in Long Beach, Calif., marked its 30th anniversary in its February/March 2020 issue. It was also MICHAEL WESTMAN’s first issue as editor in chief.
OUT & ABOUT NASHVILLE, based in Nashville, Tenn., entered its 20th year of publication with its January 2020 issue.
PRESS PASS Q, the only trade publication for professionals working in LGBTQ media, enters its 22nd year of publication with its April 2020 issue.
DEAN WRZESZCZ, a former copy editor and contributor at New York City-based GAY CITY NEWS, passed away on April 3, 2020, from COVID-19. He was 62.

Volume 22
Issue 1

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