San Diego paper’s new owner rebrands as countywide

by Fred Kuhr
Late last year, Gay San Diego was bought by Sacramento, Calif., nightclub owner and magazine publisher Terry Sidie. The newspaper was then rebranded as LGBTQ San Diego County News.
Terry Sidie
Sidie bought the newspaper from publisher David Mannis, who was public about his want to retire and sell his remaining publishing interest. Earlier in 2019, he sold general readership publications San Diego Uptown News, San Diego Downtown News, Mission Times Courier, La Mesa Courier and the since-shuttered Mission Valley News to the San Diego Community Newspaper Group (SDCNG), led by Julie Main, who also happens to be Mannis’ ex-wife. (They divorced in 2002.)
“It has been an honor to publish Gay San Diego for the past decade,” Mannis wrote in a letter to readers. “I am proud to have been able to offer a platform for the LGBT community which has embraced us, and me. [But] it is now time to pass the torch.”
Under new ownership now, LGBTQ San Diego County News launched in October of last year with the tag line, “The paper of record for the community.” Longtime columnist Nicole Murray-Ramirez was promoted to associate publisher. Other staff remained in place, including editor Albert H. Fulcher.
In his own note to readers, Fulcher welcomed the changes. “There are many things I’m excited about. First, a larger staff so that we may bring more news to your local newsstand or electronic device. I believe that the best news coverage comes from the diversity of the team that is bringing the news to you. … As we get the team together, you will see more breaking news, investigative news, a larger span of coverage and I see more videos and podcasts in this newspaper’s future.”
Murray-Ramirez, in an interview with the San Diego Union Tribune, said that the name change reflects “the broader reach of the publication.” Murray-Ramirez also noted that the newspaper will develop a strong editorial voice, taking stands on issues. “We are going to take it to the next level.”
Fulcher noted that the newspaper is moving to become a non-profit “that will not only be able to serve the community with information, but to also support our local community and its organizations financially. This is a dream come true in my opinion and I believe wholeheartedly this is a great leap in other ways that we can continue to serve the community.”

Volume 21
Issue 11

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