Leather Journal looks to new tool for fundraising

by Fred Kuhr
The Leather Journal, a national publication based in Hollywood, Calif., is trying a novel way to raise much-needed funds to keep the publication going.
Publisher and editor Dave Rhodes has announced that the publication has joined forces with the Seattle-based Leather List, a new fundraising organization aimed at assisting leather community organizations. According to Rhodes, Robert O’Dell of the Leather List has invited The Leather Journal to be one of the beneficiaries to be listed.
“While The Leather Journal is not an official nonprofit organization, it has been in need since 2009,” Rhodes wrote in a letter to readers. “While the vast majority of our revenue comes from display advertising, we have been falling short in all but about 10 issues in that span.”
Given that financial situation, Rhodes said he often hears from readers who want the Journal to continue, “especially the print version,” and have expressed an interest in contributing monetarily.
Enter the Leather List, which Rhodes describes as a United Way for leather community organizations. “In a way, [it’s] a shopping center for Leather organizations that need support,” said Rhodes. “… Now, when I am at events and hear Leatherfolk indicate how they see our need and wish to contribute, they can, on the spot. They can do it right on their phone. How many times have I heard from Leatherfolk … how they want to support us while they are at an event that inspires them, only to have them cool off after they get home. This is a normal pattern, not ill will. Now people can do it immediately. Hopefully this changes the game.”
According to Rhodes, anyone can contribute by going to LeatherList.org, searching through the charities, and clicking on the ones you want to support. Funds are transferred through PayPal. Leather List does not take a cut.

Volume 20
Issue 3

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