Rochester’s Empty Closet opens door to changes

by Fred Kuhr
The Empty Closet — the LGBT newspaper serving Rochester, N.Y., and published by community organization The Out Alliance — is setting the stage for a “new look and fresh content” next month while it says goodbye to its editor of the last 28 years.
Susan Jordan is being hailed as a feminist, activist and social justice advocate as she retires from a position she has held since 1989.
Susan Jordan
Over her tenure, the Empty Closet grew to become a professionally-staffed newspaper published 11 times a year, with a circulation of 5,000. (The publication actually launched in 1971 as a four-page ditto and went to mimeograph in 1973.)
“Over the past 28 years, Susan Jordan has never missed putting out an issue. That is more than something to be proud of, it is a monumental accomplishment and an unparalleled commitment to keep the Rochester LGBTQ community informed,” according to Evelyn Bailey, chair of the Out Alliance. “The Empty Closet, under Susan’s leadership, generates a sense of pride in the contributions the Rochester LGBTQ community has made to the economic, social and political life of Rochester, New York State and the nation.”
A new editor has yet to be announced. In the meantime, the newspaper announced “exciting changes” coming in February.
“The Empty Closet will make the leap from newspaper to magazine format,” announced Rowan Collins and Jeff Myers, communications manager and managing director, respectively, of the Out Alliance. “This is an exciting opportunity for our publication that will enable larger scope, enhanced graphics, and a more reader-friendly presentation.”
They noted that the publication will continue to be free. “As The Empty Closet sees a new look and structure in the years to come, we will continue our tradition,” they noted. “No member of our community will go without access to all The Empty Closet provides.”

The publication is also available online at

Volume 19
Issue 10

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