CMI seeking partners for largest LGBT survey of its kind

by Fred Kuhr
Community Marketing & Insights, based in San Francisco, is currently seeking LGBT media, organizations and events to partner with for its 12th Annual LGBT Community Survey.
According to CMI, this survey is the largest LGBT survey of its kind, and has previously yielded up to 45,000 participants from 150 countries.
Through partnerships, CMI expands the participation and diversity of its studies, and partners gain valuable insights into their readers or members, as well as the overall community, according to Lu Xun, CMI’s director of quantitative research. Partners can then use survey findings in advertising and sponsorship promotions.
What is the partnership? “We like to keep things simple,” said Xun. “You’ll send the survey link to your member/reader lists — by social media, internet, mobile, or print as available — and after the study ends, we send a copy of the full report. And if you generate a minimum of 200 completed surveys from your lists, we’ll send a data frequency report of your own members or readers. Many partners find these results useful in advertising and sponsorship promotions, content creation and much more.”
A complete short registration form is available at
Volume 19
Issue 10

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