Ohio health center debuts LGBT magazine

by Fred Kuhr
Equitas Health, based in Columbus, Ohio, is one of the largest LGBT and HIV healthcare providers in the country. Now, it’s also in the magazine business.
Prizm, a glossy monthly published by Equitas Health, premiered with its 40-page October 2017 issue.
“Our goal for Prizm is to connect LGBTQ Ohioans and contribute to our sense of shared community,” said Bill Hardy, president and CEO of Equitas Health for 25 years. “In its pages, you will find wide-ranging news and information as well as personal stories and experiences that celebrate who we are.”
Hardy added that the move into news and publishing shouldn’t be a surprise, calling it “strategically aligned with our mission.” Additionally, all of Prizm’s profits will be invested back into Equitas Health’s community-based health and social services. “The advertisers who are a part of this first issue have stepped up to support the launch of this new venture, but also are supporting our organization’s work across Ohio.”
Carol Zimmer Clark, publisher of the Dayton (Ohio) Business Journal from 2011, is now the publisher of Prizm, handling both its print and digital news service. She noted that 25,000 copies of the new print magazine will be distributed to more than 1,000 locations across Ohio.
In the coming months, said Clark, Prizm will be forming “reader advisory boards” in cities across Ohio “to ensure that our content always reflects the diverse lives, experiences and viewpoints of our readers.”
Equitas Health, formerly known as AIDS Resource Center Ohio, was founded in 1984. With 15 offices in 11 cities, it serves more than 67,000 people in Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia each year through its diverse healthcare and social service delivery system focused around primary and specialized medical care, dental services, behavioral health, HIV/STI prevention, advocacy, and community health initiatives, according to its website.

Volume 19
Issue 8

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