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BOSTON SPIRIT publisher DAVID ZIMMERMAN is credited with convincing all four of Boston’s major sports teams — Celtics, Patriots, Red Sox, and Bruins — to send their mascots to march in the city’s annual Pride parade in June 2016. BOSTON HERALD columnist STEVE BUCKLEY accompanied the float.
David Zimmerman of
Boston Spirit

THE CENTRAL VOICE, based in Middletown, Penn., introduced its redesigned format in its July/August 2017 issue. This is the first redesign for the newspaper in its 14-year history.

THE LEATHER JOURNAL, based in Los Angeles, published its 300th issue in June 2017.
LYNETTE MATUSIK is the new columnist with Charlotte, N.C.-based QNOTES. The column will chronicle the writer’s transition from biological male to transgender female. She also works as a circus arts performer and teacher.
MAX, based in St. Louis, Mo., published its first issue in July 2017. It’s tagline is “Maximizing St. Louis Lifestyle.” DARIN SLYMAN and JAMES LESCH are co-owners, with Slyman serving as CEO and Lesch serving as publisher. LAREN HEALEY is the editor.
RIP NAQUIN, publisher of New Orleans-based AMBUSH, died August 15, 2017, of kidney failure. He was 63. Naquin and his partner, with whom he ran the magazine, were the first New Orleans couple to register as domestic partners when that law went into effect in 1993. They officially married in New York in 2013 on their 40th anniversary together.
Rip Naquin of Ambush

OUR LIVES MAGAZINE, based in Madison, Wisc., announced that BRIANNE MUELLER has joined the staff as the publication’s new sales administrator. The magazine also celebrated its 10th anniversary with its July/August 2017 issue.

RAGE MONTHLY, based in San Diego, Calif., has been selected to be the LGBT publication found in each of the 286 rooms of the new luxury Jeremy Hotel located in West Hollywood. The magazine also celebrated its 10 anniversary with its June 2017 issue.
SPENCER WILLIAMS has joined Iowa City-based GOGUIDE as the magazine’s new cinema columnist and assistant editor. Spencer’s first work will appear in the September 15 back-to-school issue. His columns will also appear online at
THE WINDY CITY TIMES, based in Chicago, will sponsor its third annual WERQ! LGBT Job Fair on September 22, 2017, at the Center on Halsted. More than 70 corporations, small businesses, government agencies and nonprofits are scheduled to participate.

Volume 19
Issue 5

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