Midwest Eagle responds to rift with Indianapolis pride organizers

by Fred Kuhr
In a letter from the editor, Rick Sutton of the Indianapolis-based Midwest Eagle, responded to Indy Pride’s decision to “no longer engage with” the LGBT newspaper.
According to the Sutton, Indy Pride sent an e-mail to him and publisher DJ Doran after the Eagle made an editorial decision to investigate Indy Pride’s governance. “Our top goal: transparency,” wrote Sutton.
“We decided about a year ago to step up Pride governance coverage,” according to Sutton. “We believe our community deserves that kind of overview. Our readers and supporters have asked for it. That will not stop.”

The Eagle will now publish board minutes verbatim. “No news stories about their meetings, mostly because they’ve effectively shut us out,” wrote Sutton. “We’ll continue to cover the organization’s activities as we have thus far, as throughly as possible.”
Sutton did not hold back, however, in his criticism of Indy Pride leadership, calling it “thin-skinned” and “Trump-ian.”
“Its leadership is apparently not in the mood for anything other than hugs and kisses,” he stated. “… They dislike coverage that challenges their governance or doesn’t fit their [view]. So be it. We will continue to press for transparency and accountability of the organization itself, while publicizing their very strong programs.”
According to Indy Pride, Inc., Board of Directors meeting minutes dated March 8, 2017, the letter sent to the Eagle was approved unanimously with 13 affirmative votes.

Volume 19
Issue 1

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