QVegas to become online-only QLife, serving Vegas, LA and NYC

by Fred Kuhr
At this month’s 17th Annual LGBT Travel and Hospitality Conference and LGBT New Media Expo, QLife, Inc. announced QLife Magazine and qlifemagazine.com, a new LGBT lifestyle and entertainment digital publication serving Las Vegas, Los Angeles and New York launching January 1, 2017.
QLife Las Vegas will replace QVegas and Gay.Vegas as one of the city’s LGBT magazine and destination websites.
Final issue of QVegas: to be
replaced by QLife Las Vegas

“Since launching Gay.Vegas and going all-digital with QVegas in 2015, we’ve spent over two years in research and development,” said Russ White, publisher of QVegas magazine, co-founder of Gay.Vegas and publisher of QLife. “The QLife suite of media properties is built on top of a robust publishing platform that reimagines digital publishing in the new era of web, social media and mobile.”

With web, social media, flipbook, email, downloadable PDF and print-on-demand editions available for each market, QLife will forego the traditional print distribution model in favor of the digital model.
“Readers and advertisers alike love our digital platform. With so many delivery options available, we reach readers when, where, and how they want,” said Garrett Pattiani, associate publisher of QVegas, co-founder of Gay.Vegas and publisher of QLife. “Advertisers love our media rates. Without the high overhead cost of print, we’ve been able to pass those savings on to advertisers, reach more readers, and with our integrated publishing platform, provide detailed insights into ad metrics.”
White and Pattiani stress that QLife is not a single national publication. QLife Las Vegas, QLife Los Angeles and QLife New York will each be a part of the communities they serve. While initial editions will share overlapping editorial, each issue will grow to have a local feel, and over time they hope to expand the brand into additional markets across the country. “We’re committed to the communities we serve,” added Pattiani. “QLife will partner with local LGBTQ and HIV/AIDS non-profit organizations in each market, providing free advertising sponsorships.”
In a letter to Las Vegas readers, Pattiani and White wrote, “As we close out 2016, not only is our December issue our final issue of the year, but it’s also the final issue of QVegas. … QLife Las Vegas will encompass everything that QVegas brought to the community and more. …
“As we expand out, we retain our commitment to our communities through our non-profit sponsorships. We have already announced sponsorships with The Gay & Lesbian Center of Southern Nevada, Sin Sity Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, Lambda Business Association, and Mondays Dark, with more announcements coming in the weeks ahead.”
The first issue of QLife will appear online on New Year’s Day 2017 at qlifemagazine.com and facebook.com/qlifemagazine.

Volume 18
Issue 9

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December 22, 2016