Global LGBT survey looking to partner with media outlets

by Chuck Colbert
Community Marketing Inc. (CMI), a gay-owned San Francisco-based consumer-research company, is gearing up to launch its 9th Annual Global LGBT Community Survey. The survey will be fielded April 15-May 30. LGBT media outlets can register now at .
In order to participate, publishers must promote the survey to their readers through all outlets — website, social media, mobile, email and print. After the study ends, CMI will send a copy of the full report. If media outlets generate a minimum of 200 completed surveys (bronze level), CMI provides demographic information about readers. If a publication generates 500 surveys (gold level) or 1,000 (platinum level), CMI provides additional benefits, including additional filter(s) on respondents — for example, readers age 35 years and younger — and special mention and logo inclusion in the U.S. report.
The importance of the survey — and LGBT media participation — cannot be overstated insofar as the survey provides useful data for gay media publishers and their sales teams, according to the company. For example, CMI’s survey includes information on financial confidence and concerns, beverage consumption, real estate, LGBT terminology and communications, brand recognition, sports interaction and engagement, family dynamics, and news media interaction — and perhaps the most important data is that of purchasing behavior.
The results of LGBT media reader surveys can be used for advertising and promotional purposes as well as to establish the age profile of your readership from a third-party source, which can be important for alcohol-related advertising. 
In addition to providing overall LGBT market-specific data, the survey also gives publication-specific data to participating gay media outlets.
CMI “is helping to promote the gay and lesbian market,” said Todd Evans, president and chief executive officer of LGBT ad placement company Rivendell Media (which also publishes Press Pass Q). “Right now, beside Rivendell with the annual Gay Press Report, they are the only other company I know doing that.”
In all, the benefits of CMI’s data for individual LGBT publications are three-fold, explained Rivendell’s Evans, noting that participation in the survey is free.
“They get their own reader demographics. They get facts and figures for sales leads. They are helping the whole gay market by stimulating sales and segments where it makes sense,” said Evans. “Madison Avenue is all about independent fact and figures. And without CMI doing these surveys, we would have to pay for our own. Many gay media outlets did for many years to stimulate the market and make news. In advertising, it’s is all about justifying ad-buying decisions. There is a business case for participating.”
For more information and to register to participate, go to

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Issue 11

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