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THOMAS BASGIL JR., editor of Trenton, N.J.-based OUT IN JERSEY magazine, stepped down after the October-November 2013 issue. He was replaced by the publication’s first female editor SAM MARTINO in December 2013. She was previously the news features editor at the publication.
BAY WINDOWS, based in Boston, launched its 32nd year in publication with its Dec. 12, 2013, issue.
CURVE, based in New York, N.Y., launched its 24th year of publication with its January/February 2014 issue.
HIV PLUS MAGAZINE has launched a free Treatment Guide mobile application. The app includes information on every FDA-approved medication for the treatment of HIV and HIV-related complications. It also allows users to set daily pill and appointment reminders. find an HIV specialist pharmacy nearby, and access articles from the magazine. The new app is currently available for free and downloadable on all mobile platforms.
LAVENDER MAGAZINE, based in Minneapolis, published its first Wedding Resource Guide as part of its 2014 GLBT YELLOW PAGES. The decision to have a separate section for wedding-specific resources came after Minnesota approved marriage equality last year.
LIVING OUT, Long Island’s LGBT newspaper based in Garden City, N.Y., celebrated its first anniversary with its December 2013 issue.
HARRY LOWINGER, longtime photographer with BALTIMORE OUTLOUD, passed away on Dec. 11, 2013. He began his work as a photographer in the gay community in the 1980s with BALTIMORE GAY PAPER (now known as GAY LIFE). Lowinger died from lung cancer and heart failure. He was 80.

Volume 15
Issue 10

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