A new era for PRESS PASS Q

For 14 years, Press Pass Q has been published as an online newsletter with the intention of bringing together those working in LGBT media. As time went on, however, the Internet advanced into a new era while Press Pass Q was still trying to reach people as if it were still 1999. Social media revolutionized virtual communications, and Press Pass Q is getting with the times.

Last year, Press Pass Q joined Facebook and Twitter. But now, as Press Pass Q enters its 15th year, it is migrating to a blog format. This will cut down on lag times that occurred with a monthly publishing schedule, but it will also allow for more interaction with you, our readers.

Of course, changing our format is only a means to an end, a better way to bring the issues and concerns of LGBT media professionals to the forefront so that the entire industry is as strong as it can be. If there is anything we can do better, please let us know. Feel free to email me at editor@presspassq.com.

Keep reading, and most importantly, keep publishing.

Fred Kuhr
Press Pass Q


April 18, 2013 at 1:48 pm

I like this format much better! Keep up the good work!

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