LGBTQ Community Survey looking for partners

by Fred Kuhr
The 13th Annual LGBTQ Community Survey is coming up fast, and San Francisco-based Community Marketing & Insights (CMI) is looking for community partners for this year’s project.
CMI is an LGBTQ market research company founded in 1992. Every year for six consecutive weeks between March and June, CMI partners with 200-plus LGBTQ media, non-profits, and events from around the world to conduct the annual LGBTQ Community Survey. Survey topics include but are not limit to social/political issues, health issues, personal finance, consumer products, entertainment, and media consumption.
Last year, the survey had over 45,000 participants from 150 countries. 
“As a partner, you are to promote the survey to your readers/members through your website, email newsletter, social media,” Lu Xun, CMI’s research director. “Your organization’s name will be listed in the survey and the final report.”
Plus, “If you were able to achieve 200-plus completes, you would get an extra frequency report about your readers/members, which is very important in media/sponsorship kit development.”
In addition to providing overall LGBTQ market-specific data, the survey also gives publication-specific data to participating media outlets. CMI “is helping to promote the LGBTQ market,” said Todd Evans, president and chief executive officer of the LGBTQ ad placement company Rivendell Media, which also publishes Press Pass Q.
In all, the benefits of CMI’s data for individual LGBTQ publications are three-fold, explained Evans, noting that participation in the survey is free.
“Media properties get their own reader demographics if they put the effort in to get enough responses. Facts and figures are crucial for sales leads. This is a real win-win for everyone in the LGBTQ marketplace as CMI is helping the whole LGBTQ market by stimulating conversation and creating news for and about the LGBTQ market, and that is seriously lacking today,” said Evans. “Madison Avenue is all about facts and figures for market justification, and CMI helps put momentum behind the LGBTQ market with their findings. I’ve heard naysayers, but I don’t think they understand the big picture nor have the business experience to understand that participation far outweighs any negatives.”
For more details about the partnership, to review last year’s survey results or to sign up to be a partner, go to
Volume 20
Issue 12

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