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BRITTANI ACUFF is the new brand manager for HOTSPOTS magazine in its expanded Central Florida office in Orlando.
JORGE AMARO has been named the new senior program director of RESOURCE MEDIA, a non-profit communications firm in Washington, D.C. Previously, he was the media and public relations director at the NATIONAL LGBTQ TASK FORCE.
SCOTT BARNES, a Chicago-based professional photographer and media specialist, passed away September 9, 2017, at the age of 50. Most recently, he served as web content specialist and search engine optimization editor for the American Medical Association.
ECHO MAGAZINE, based in Phoenix, Ariz., entered its 29th year of publication with its October 2017 issue.
GOGUIDE, based in Iowa City, Iowa, celebrated its second anniversary with its Fall 2017 issue.
Lori Lindsey

ALAN KENNEDY-SHAFFER, a former columnist for Middletown, Penn.-based THE CENTRAL VOICE, is running as a Democrat in Pennsylvania Senate District 34. Locally, he is known as the founder of Harrisburg Hope,  a community and political organization to address the state capital city’s financial issues.

LORI LINDSEY, the retired American soccer star, was the guest editor of the WASHINGTON BLADE’s 5th annual Sports Issue, which published on August 25, 2017.
KAYDEN MILLER is the new education coordinate at the Rochester, N.Y.-based GAY ALLIANCE, which publishes THE EMPTY CLOSET.
OUTWORD, based in Sacramento, Calif., celebrated its 22nd anniversary with its August 24, 2017, issue.
WINDY CITY TIMES, based in Chicago, entered its 33rd year of publication with its September 20, 2017, issue.

Volume 19
Issue 7

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